Network Design, Integration & Virtualization

Network Design, Integration & Virtualization 



IT All Starts With the Network…



At iTeam Technology network design and integration services are one of our key core competencies. 


A poorly designed or executed network infrastructure can cause numerous security and performance problems that can be very difficult to effectively isolate and correct after the network has been committed to production environment usage. That is why having a team of networking experts available to get things right out of the gate, at the design stage, can pay tremendous dividends down the road as the network’s operational load and complexity scales to support your business’ evolving operational demands and functional requirements.


iTeam Technology has been designing and managing networking environments for over two decades. 


We have architected and serviced hundreds of client networking environments from small local area networks to International data center networking environments. Our networking team is highly skilled and experienced in all aspects of network design and integration with a specialization in network throughput capacity planning, security provisioning, advanced network error trapping/diagnostics, storage area network (SAN) technologies and network virtualization architecture design in both VMWare and Microsoft HyperV virtualization platform environments. 



When Enterprise Networking Vendors Need Enterprise Networking Experts In New York City They Call iTeam…


You should too.  Our senior network engineering team is commonly called upon by the Enterprise support divisions of major IT networking equipment vendors to assist in the deployment and/or repair of complex client network implementation projects in our regional area that have either stalled in the hands of other local technical teams or failed outright.
We take great pride in being a trusted “go to” resource in our service region for these vendors on their more complex Enterprise class networking deployment projects and in our ability to salvage these types of projects so that the clients that have invested substantially in these new networking platforms can ultimately realize the business benefits of these major technology investments.


We have never turned away a challenging networking engagement no matter how complex and we have helped numerous clients achieve optimal performance from their mission critical networking systems.   


When only the best will do for your company’s networking design, deployment or integration needs you may rest assured that that is exactly what you will be getting when you entrust these projects to iTeam Technology.