Mobile Technologies

Mobile Technologies



The Network Unleashed…


As the wireless and mobile technology marketplace continues to experience explosive growth and constant change the need to provide comprehensive network integration, security management and roaming end-user support services for BYOD workers is critical in today’s diverse mobile networking market.


Gone are the days when all you had to do was implement a BlackBerry BES server and your employees would be happy, with safe and secure access to text-only email while away from the office. Everyone had the same mobile device and security concerns were limited to how long you waited to remotely wipe the device after it was lost.


Now it’s hard to keep up with all of the options that are available. Everyone has HTML enabled email on phones that are practically mini computers, people are wondering if BlackBerry will even survive and everyone wants to use their own phone and be able to install any and all apps they can. 


Which Mobile Technology Platform is Best for Your Business? 


Modern Business With New Technologies

The simple answer is that any one of the major mobile platforms can be used in your organization.  In fact, most people don’t even realize that you don’t need to choose just one platform. You can have a mix of iOS (Apple iPhone/iPad), Android (Samsung Galaxy phones and many, many others), Windows Phone (mostly Nokia Lumia phones) and yes, even BlackBerry devices. 


One of the main deciding factors should be based on how your employees need to use their devices. Do they need to create and edit documents on their phone/tablet while on the road?  Do they just need to read them and can wait until they get to the hotel/client/office/home to make changes?  Do they need to save and store documents on their mobile devices so they can access them when they don’t have Wi-Fi  access or a cellular connection? Believe it or not, the answers to these questions can dramatically reduce the number of options you have to choose from.  All mobile platforms are NOT created equally…



Concerned About BlackBerry’s Future? 


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Many companies today are concerned about the potential of having to ultimately transition away from the Blackberry platform to iPhones or Android phones should BlackBerry continue to lose market share in the mobile technology arena.  From a corporate data standpoint, this actually would not be as big of a problem as many think it would be, but getting used to using a new phone that is completely different from what users are accustomed to could present operational challenges that would need to be addressed.


Don’t let the iPhone/Android media fool you.  BlackBerry is still by far the most secure mobile technology platform and may therefore still have a very strong future ahead.  Superior security has always been (and still is) a major technical and competitive advantage of the platform.  Blackberry has also finally adapted their product offerings to use ActiveSync technology and, as a result, their devices now also offer the same direct connection to your email server as their competitors.


Do I Really Have to Worry About Security on Mobile Devices?


Internet/Computer securityIn a word, yes.  


Not only are today’s devices capable of surfing the Internet and encountering the many websites that present potential malware infection risks, they also have access to millions of apps that can be downloaded and installed (yes, millions…).  The number of downloadable apps infected with malware (either purposely, by accident or due to poor developer security practices) grows each day and this trend shows no signs of slowing down.


Additionally, most mobile devices have sensitive data stored on them and most users can’t be bothered to type in a password or security pattern every time they want to use their phone.  This presents another very serious security risk to consider if your company’s devices are ever lost or stolen.



Of course, every security vulnerability can be mitigated with proper knowledge, planning and execution.  Our team performs extensive ongoing research and technical training on every major mobile network computing platform so that you can always depend on us to be there to lend a competent technical hand for whatever may be in yours.