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IT Security And Forensic Services



If You Do Not Know Whether Your Business Systems Are Secure Then They Probably Aren’t… 


Delivering genuinely secure IT computing resources and keeping these resources continuously safeguarded against malware and network intrusion challenges the technical capabilities of even the world’s foremost cyber security professionals on a daily basis.  The threat landscape is constantly evolving and so too must the IT security measures taken to effectively counteract these threats and mitigate their associated business risks.  While no IT security professional or company can legitimately lay claim to perfection in this area, at iTeam Technology we take Cyber Security extremely seriously.


We also go well beyond what many of our competitors do to ensure the safety and integrity of our clients’ IT security environments on a daily basis.


It Takes Hackers To Stop Hackers…


Unless you have a strong team of “ethical hackers” that have technical proficiency with the many readily available tools and methods that can be used to successfully exploit and compromise IT security systems, you cannot effectively secure or defend these systems from such attacks no matter how much IT security hardware or software you toss at the problem. 


Having the right security tools and processes in place is certainly a very big part of the equation, but having highly talented and deeply committed IT security professionals that are capable of effectively monitoring network security in real time and who are willing to commit themselves to the rigors of constant vigilance over these security environments is what ultimately acts as the most effective deterrent to system compromise.


At iTeam We “Get” IT Security (And We Make Sure That You Do Too…)



When it comes to your IT security posture a good offense is always your best defense.


Our Cybersecurity division is led by our CSO, Scot Braunzell. He is a cyber-security expert with over 20 years of hands on professional IT security management experience.   He is also a long-standing member of the FBI’s domestic InfraGuard cyber defense program and meets regularly, in a consultative capacity, with an International team of cyber security and cyber warfare IT security professionals from around the globe to review National and International cyber defense issues and ongoing cyber security enhancement initiatives.


In addition to a tremendous wealth of practical hands on cyber security technology expertise, Scot is also an expert on social engineering, investigative computer forensics, eDiscovery, and many other IT security related disciplines. These specialized technical skill sets make him uniquely qualified to lead our security team in building holistic and multi-faceted IT security environments for our clients that safeguard the ongoing reliability and operational integrity of their IT production environments. 


Our security team is also responsible for establishing a security conscious culture among all of our internal technical staff members and works directly with each and every iTeam technician and engineer on a daily basis to ensure that they have the requisite IT security training and technical expertise to effectively safeguard the security of every client IT production environment we are responsible for servicing.


IT Forensic & Investigative Services:

it-forensicAt iTeam Technology we fully understand and appreciate that Corporate IT security breaches and investigative projects are extremely serious matters that require not only a very high level of due diligence and technical expertise but also complete confidentiality and professional discretion.


You can count upon us to ensure that any security work that we are engaged in will always be conducted to the highest professional, moral and ethical standards.


Our security team has been directly engaged by our clients on many advanced cyber security projects including IT forensic fraud investigations, support for legal eDiscovery evidentiary acquisition, cyber-crime investigations, corporate restructuring projects, network security breaches, network security audits and penetration testing engagements among others.


If IT security is a concern of yours then you may be confident in the fact that it is as great, if not a greater, concern of ours.  We spare no effort or expense to ensure that we are delivering a level of IT security management and expertise to our clients that is unsurpassed in our industry.