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Introducing CITYTEK Cloud Services


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One Cloud Does Not Fit All…


If you ask 10 different IT “experts” to define “the cloud” chances are you may receive 10 completely different answers.  That’s because, like the web in its infancy, the cloud is a rapidly emerging technology platform still in the earliest stages of its evolutionary development.  

Companies that wish to take advantage of the business benefits that cloud computing potentially has to offer today are confronted by a dizzying array of technical options, alternatives and unfamiliar terminology.  This can often obscure both the genuine business value that cloud computing has to offer as well as the potential risks of early adoption that also need to be considered and, ideally, avoided.



CITYTEK – Your Surest Path to the Cloud


Where Will My CITYTEK Servers Live


The CITYTEK Value Proposition



Introducing CITYTEK – Your Surest Path to the Cloud


iTeam’s CITYTEK cloud service platform has been purpose built from the ground up to help “de-mystify” the cloud and greatly simplify your company’s cloud migration and deployment strategy.


It is a comprehensive, turn-key cloud computing platform designed to help you do the cloud your own way at your own pace.


Every component of the CITYTEK Cloud Services program has been structured to take the guesswork out of securely and reliably moving your business operations into best-of-breed cloud computing solutions that take full advantage of what cloud computing technology has to offer your business today.


The CITYTEK cloud platform can support seamless cloud based migration of:

  • All existing network business applications in use
  • Any existing (or new) cloud based software or service offerings (eg Amazon Cloud, Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps, etc.)
  • Any existing network authentication security and file/folder access provisioning currently in place
  • Any existing data encryption and secured remote network access methods currently in place
  • Any required network backup schema and archival backup rotation currently in place
  • Any business continuity and disaster recovery provisioning currently in place
  • Desktop virtualization and VDI



The Power of the CITYTEK Portal – Access Everything from Anything, Anywhere, All the Time


With CITYTEK, any IT systems and resources that you are currently running in house can  be securely and efficiently migrated to a fully cloud-based computing platform with minimal effort, downtime and expense.


Once migrated, all of these cloud-based IT resources are accessible to you through a single, centralized and fully secured web based portal interface. This provides your end users with simple, centralized, point and click access to all of the business tools and applications they require from a single, unified and fully integrated web interface.  Once deployed, the CITYTEK web portal can be accessed from any computing device that can support an Internet browser (Windows PCs, Macs, Smartphones, Tablets, etc.) from anywhere in the world that can support an Internet connection.


Sound simple?


It is simple – powerfully simple, as CITYTEK was designed to be and as cloud computing was meant to be.  Any network resources you need, whenever you need them from any device you are using anywhere in the world.  That is the power that the CITYTEK Cloud Service platform brings to your business.


So Exactly Where In The Cloud Will My CITYTEK Servers Live?


CITYTEK’s server hosting provisions are procured exclusively through established, Gartner magic quadrant, industry leading data center server hosting facilities.  Peer1 ( and Tier3 ( are two of these current data center providers with additional back end data hosting facilities being brought online on an ongoing basis.  


These are world class server hosting facilities that are recognized throughout the IT industry as leaders in facilitating cloud service delivery and whose back end networks support extremely high speed access to your data as well as state of the art network data security and business continuity provisions.





Pay As You Grow” Pricing Plans with NO Contractual Commitment


The CITYTEK cloud platform is licensed on a flexible, 100% usage-based subscription model with no long-term contractual commitments required. You pay only for the resources you use and resource utilization can be adjusted up or down dynamically as your needs require. 


This licensing model makes the CITYTEK platform ideal for both cost-conscious small business cloud environments as well as larger Enterprise cloud development environments that may need to do pre-deployment testing of cloud applications under active development.  It also provides an excellent platform for developing cost-effective cloud-based business continuity and disaster recovery strategies for companies of all sizes.


On The Ground or In the Cloud,  CITYTEK Has Your IT Support Needs Covered


Once you become a CITYTEK member you have a single source of IT support for all of your local and cloud-based computing resources. iTeam Technology is your single point of contact for all of your day to day routine in house IT support services, CITYTEK cloud platform administration and maintenance services and service monitoring and quality assurance services.


As a CITYTEK subscriber you will always have a dedicated, single point of localized technical contact responsible for the management and administration of all of your company’s IT resources whether these systems are maintained internally or are hosted in the cloud.


The CITYTEK Value Proposition

  • World Class Data Centers – Server hosting for your network infrastructure systems in world class data center facilities (Savvis,  Equinix) with state of the art cloud security and business continuity provisions
  • Universal Cloud-Based Business Application Support – Vendor agnostic full cloud hosting support for all business applications currently in use in your company’s production environment including older 32-bit legacy business applications along with native cloud-based support for any future business software or third party cloud based services you may wish to implement in the future.
  • High Speed Dedicated Broadband Performance – Dedicated back end broadband speeds to ensure high performance for all cloud based business applications and network computing resources
  • Unified Web Portal Cloud Access Technology – Unified web portal that supports single sign-on user authentication and dual factor security authentication (if required) and centralized administration for all of your hosted cloud based IT resources including network operating systems, business applications, network storage resources and third-party cloud computing services with universal access from any web browser enabled client device
  • Low Cost Monthly Subscription Based Pricing – Subscription based pricing model that allows you to only pay for the cloud resources that you are utilizing and that scales automatically to accommodate  your growth
  • Universal 3rd Party Cloud Platform Support – Support for all major vendor business application cloud service platforms (including Amazon Cloud, Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps) and specialized pricing and licensing arrangements for these service platforms when licensed through CITYTEK
  • Service IT Help Desk and Support Resources – Comprehensive full service end user help desk and technical support services for all of your company’s localized and cloud based IT resources provided by iTeam Technology
  • Single Point of Contact – Centralized management, administration, quality assurance monitoring and billing for all CITYTEK Cloud Services provided by iTeam Technology



Ride the CITYTEK Cloud on Us for a Free 30 Day Trial


Still Not Sure Whether iTeam Technology’s CITYTEK Cloud Services Are Right For Your Business?  Simply contact iTeam Technology today to schedule a CITYTEK Cloud Services consultation at your convenience and take advantage of a 30 Day free limited trial of the service to help you find out.  


During this initial trial period our cloud migration team will review all relevant CITYTEK cloud service delivery provisioning issues with you. We will then prepare a formal service proposal detailing all anticipated one time cloud migration costs as well as all estimated recurring monthly CITYTEK cloud platform costs associated with your CITYTEK Cloud Services subscription.


Once your trial period has been completed becoming a CITYTEK Cloud Services client is easy.  When you are ready to activate your CITYTEK subscription we will finalize all CITYTEK cloud service provisioning arrangements and work with you to begin the process of migrating your existing physical IT infrastructure systems and business applications into the CITYTEK cloud.  We will then proceed, to test, tune and optimize the system to ensure a smooth and successful cloud migration.


Ride the Cloud…


Become a CITYTEK customer today and begin experiencing everything the cloud has to offer your business (except the risks).