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You Never Know What You Have Until You Lose IT…

At iTeam Technology we believe that no data stored on your company’s network should ever be unrecoverable and that no company should ever be unable to successfully restore the networking resources they need to run their business in the event of a disaster. 


Data redundancy and network recoverability are no longer technical “luxuries” – they are prerequisites for a properly managed business networking environment regardless of your company’s size or budget.


Today, numerous sophisticated solutions are available that can successfully and cost-effectively meet the business continuity requirements of almost any business networking environment but determining the right solution for your company’s specific business continuity needs can be very challenging. 


Helping you choose the right business continuity solutions for your business is our business. 


Our technical team has extensive professional experience across the entire spectrum of business continuity and disaster recovery technology including virtualization technologies, distributed storage system architecture development, disaster recovery plan development, cloud networking platform provisioning and network backup system deployment, maintenance and administration services. 


We will guide you through the complex process of selecting the right vendor solutions for your business continuity needs and help you implement a network backup and recovery platform that will meet all of your  company’s data recovery, retention and compliance requirements.


When It Comes To Disaster Recovery, Experience Counts…


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Over the last 20 years our technical team has performed dozens of successful “real world” disaster recovery and data restoration projects for clients across a broad range of industries.


Many of these projects were performed for clients that experienced unanticipated business interruption and data loss after the 9/11 terrorist attacks and Hurricane Sandy.  


The experience gained under these extraordinary circumstances is your assurance that when iTeam manages your network, your company’s data rests in competent, capable & experienced hands.



The Best Way To Recover Your Data Is To Never Have To…


Cloud storage conceptImplementing an effective business continuity architecture starts with establishing the right blend of onsite and offsite business continuity provisions. 


Employing full physical network replication or hybrid cloud based network virtualization platforms enables reliable disaster recovery environments.


Both of these types of network architectures remove as many potential single points of failure as possible from your business networking environment.


Utilizing this basic design principle as a starting point, we have developed strategic partnerships with some of the IT industry’s most trusted business continuity vendors in order to provide our clients with a comprehensive array of business continuity and disaster recovery solutions that all utilize this fundamental and time tested approach.


Mission Critical Environments – Network Replication Solutions:


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For network production environments that require the highest level of system availability we typically recommend implementing a DR architecture that combines state of the art distributed SAN storage technology and real time multi-site data replication solutions.  


These environments are purpose built to be able to withstand multiple single points of failure and still remain operational with limited technical intervention required to effect full network recovery.  iTeam Technology network replication platforms are fully customized to meet each specific client’s business continuity recovery time and point objectives.


Core Enabling Technologies: DELL Equallogics, Nimble Storage, NeverFail, DoubleTake, Peer1 Mission Critical Cloud, Atlantic Metro Hosting


High Availability Environments – DR Appliance & Server Virtualization Solutions:


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For network production environments that require a high level of system availability but do not require the advanced storage management capabilities of a SAN-based architecture or fully automated network failover, we typically recommend implementing a DR appliance based or server virtualization based backup solution.


DR appliance and server virtualization based backup and disaster recovery solutions provide a number of compelling business continuity advantages over traditional software based network backup solutions, including:



  • The ability to create VMWare-based virtual server instances of a company’s physical file servers to enable full system recovery to the cloud or any VMWare capable server hosting platform



  • The ability to mount VMWare backups on the appliance itself to recover the company’s networking capabilities quickly in the event of unplanned localized hardware failure


  • The ability to automatically verify the ability of the virtual backup to mount successfully in a virtual environment – this capability provides assurance that server backups can be utilized to perform a successful full system recovery should this ever be necessary


  • Point in tine archival  storage snapshots allowing recovery of network data from any trailing time interval – this is useful when changes may be made to network files or files are accidentally deleted that need to be recovered from an earlier point in time


Core Enabling Technologies: DELL AppAssure, Datto Siris DR Appliances


Small Business Environments – Server Backup & Cloud Storage Solutions:


fibre optical and computer harddiskFor smaller single or dual server network production environments that require reliable network backup and business continuity solutions on a smaller budget we provide a variety of options that incorporate best-of-breed network backup software and cloud storage solutions. 


We also offer a specialized line of backup appliance based solutions that have been designed specifically to meet the operational and budgetary requirements of small business networking environments.


Core Enabling Technologies: Acronis, Datto Alto Cloud Backup & Appliance Based Solutions, Carbonite Cloud Backup & Appliance Based Solutions


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