The “360 Degree” Principle

The “360 Degree” Principle



At iTeam our goal is to be the ONLY technical resource you will ever need to meet all of your company’s business technology challenges and support requirements.


We understand that our clients care more about running their businesses than running their IT systems and that’s the way it should be.  We believe that you should never have to rely on more than one company or more than a single point of contact for ALL of your business technology management requirements. 


In every client IT environment we service we strive to provide holistic, 360 degree IT service coverage to address all aspects of your business technology infrastructure life cycle management including:


  • Telecommunications Systems
  • Networking Infrastructure Systems
  • Internet and Telecom Circuit Provisioning & Monitoring
  • Network Administration, Monitoring & Maintenance
  • IT Security Administration, Monitoring & Maintenance
  • Third-Party Hosting Platforms & Cloud Provisioning/Maintenance
  • End User Help Desk Support Services
  • Data Backup, Retention, Archive & Business Continuity
  • BYOD Integration For All Major Smartphones and Mobile Device Technologies
  • Application Development and Database Management/Administration
  • Web Site Design & Integration
  • Business Application Deployment, Administration and Support Services
  • Specialized IT Consulting Services (Cyber Forensics. Compliance Management, Network Penetration Testing and many others)