On the Ground or In the Cloud?

On The Ground Or In The Cloud?



To the typical small business owner, today’s rapidly evolving cloud computing landscape can be a very confusing place to be.


At iTeam we are here to help you make sense of the numerous cloud migration options that are available on the market and help you determine which of these platforms and solutions potentially present the best fit for your business.


Our technical team is actively engaged on an ongoing basis with “deep dive” technical analysis of all major cloud computing platforms and we follow current trends in the cloud computing industry very closely.


We can help you cut through the hype surrounding the cloud and provide expert guidance on the many different cloud computing options available to help you determine which of these solutions can provide genuine lasting value for your business.



We can also help you determine when keeping things in-house or establishing a hybrid cloud environment may, in fact, be a better business alternative for you based upon your company’s unique operational objectives and requirements.


While the only thing certain in the IT industry is change, you can always count upon us to provide you with honest, informed and objective professional guidance on which technology solutions make the best sense for your specific business environment.  


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According To The Gartner Group:  Global spending on public cloud services is expected to grow 18.6% in 2012 to $110.3B, achieving a CAGR of 17.7% from 2011 through 2016.


The total market is expected to grow from $76.9B in 2010 to $210B in 2016. The following is an analysis of the public cloud services market size and annual growth rates:




Statistic: Worldwide cloud application infrastructure services (PaaS) revenue from 2010 to 2016 (in billion U.S. dollars) | Statista
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