Iteam Core Values

iTeam Core Values



At iTeam Technology we are not satisfied with “good” technicians… We want great technicians.


And in order to achieve greatness in any endeavor it helps to have some solid core values and guiding professional principles to aspire to.


These are some of ours…


iTeam’s 10 Commandments for Achieving IT Service Delivery Excellence:


  1. Care – about becoming the best IT professional you can be and take pride in achieving this.  If you care about what you do then excellence becomes possible. If you do not care about what you do genuine excellence can never be achieved.

  2. Learn – As an IT professional, your knowledge is your greatest asset – never lose the desire to keep learning and developing professionally.  The more knowledge you acquire, the stronger both you and the team around you will become for this effort.

  3. Teach – Knowledge kept to yourself helps no one accomplish anything but you.  Knowledge shared benefits the entire team.

  4. Respect – The profession, yourselves and your peers.  Always remain humbled by the enormity of the challenge of becoming a genuinely great technician and show courtesy and respect to anyone that has taken it upon themselves to try regardless of their specific level of achievement or progress along the path.  
  5. Protect – We are all in this together and need to be able to depend upon each other every day.  Be loyal to one another and look after one another professionally at all times. 
Never leave another technician stranded in the field without proper training, preparation or technical back up for the tasks that they will be responsible for accomplishing. This is a sure path to failure and every individual’s failure hurts the entire team.  
  6. Persevere – If you are confronted by a difficult technical issue or task never give up or quit.  Ask for guidance from a senior member of the team and then use that guidance to better yourself professionally.  You must always be willing to invest the effort necessary to rise to the technical challenges you face for they are the path to your professional development and achievement – there are no shortcuts to success.
  7. Communicate – Always remember that your job is not just to service an IT issue or system – it is to service an IT issue or system that is preventing a PERSON from successfully doing their work. Maintain regular internal communications so that everyone on the team is aware at all times of what is happening in the environment and ALWAYS communicate clearly and effectively to clients that you service so that they are aware at all times of the status of any work being performed for them.  
  8. Prepare – There is no faster path to failure than a lack of preparation.  Always plan ahead and do your best to prepare yourself properly for the professional challenges you will face.  In IT things are generally black or white – you can either solve the problem or you cannot and success or failure on any given task or project typically follows accordingly.
  9. Be Vigilant & Responsive – Technology is an “enabler”.  It is the foundation that supports thousands upon thousands of hours of valuable time and effort that people have invested in their work.  It is our collective responsibility to do everything in our power, at all times, to safeguard these environments by responding as quickly as possible to any events that may jeopardize their operational integrity or prevent people from accomplishing the work they must perform to do their jobs.

  10. Love IT – The difference between a good IT technician and a great IT technician is about the passion and commitment you bring to what you do each day – no more and no less.  Talent, effort and training certainly all make a difference, but technicians that truly love IT, and the challenges that mastering technology present, will ultimately become the ones that our clients will remember and request.  Be THAT kind of technician and the rewards you will gain from your career in technology will be limitless.  At the end of the day, these are the type of technicians that not only help make iTeam succeed at what we do – they help make us the very best at what we do.