Optimal IT system performance, security and availability can only be achieved via a combination of:


  1. Comprehensive system monitoring
  2. Regularly performed preventive maintenance and system life cycle management
  3. Strict adherence to MSP best practices
  4. Vigilant real time oversight by a team of trained and qualified system engineers


Delivering these services successfully takes the right tools, the right processes and the right team…


The Right Tools 

right-tools    At iTeam we are constantly engaged in performing in depth internal research and hands on testing in our systems lab to ensure that we are using the best system monitoring tools, utilities and cloud service platforms available to manage our clients’ systems. Our monitoring systems undergo rigorous real-world testing on an ongoing basis to make certain that we are able to respond swiftly and effectviely to any issues that could potentially impact the security or operational integrity of our clients’ systems. 


The Right Processes

We invest considerable time and effort each year into continuously refining our internal managed service business processes and workflow procedures to enhance our technical team’s efficiency and responsiveness.  These efforts include ongoing technical training programs, emergency response preparedness drills, extensive managed service industry research and strict adherence to established MSP best practices for system life cycle management and maintenance.


The Right Team

the-right-team    Even with the best tools and processes in place, a managed service program is only as good as the technical team managing it.  Every member of our technical team is fully qualified not only to effectively monitor system alerts but also to perform immediate proactive remediation and repair of any issues our monitoring systems may alert us to.  In practical terms, this means that if a security event is detected, immediate intervention will occur to prevent further system compromise.  If a network backup or replication synchronization job fails, it will be immediately re-processed to ensure data integrity. This level of vigilance and interactive remediation ensures the swiftest response possible for any unplanned system failures or issues that might otherwise impede your company’s business operations.