If You Want To Be The BEST IT Professional You Can Be Then You Want iTeam and iTeam Wants You…


Not every IT technician can (or should) become an iTeam technician.  iTeam technicians adhere to a set of professional standards that are both difficult to achieve and difficult to sustain.  You should know this coming in and you should be certain that this is what you want before you sign up for it.


We are looking for candidates who are 100% committed to becoming the best IT professionals they can be in an environment that genuinely demands and rewards professional achievement and technical mastery.


when-it-comes-to-hiringWhen it comes to hiring, we value quality over quantity.


We seek technicians who take their professional development very seriously and who are willing to invest the personal time, effort and commitment necessary to achieve excellence.


iTeam clients demand a very high level of professionalism and performance from us and we, in turn, expect this from every vetted member of our team at all times.

iTeam Employment Principles:

  • iteam-employment-principlesAs our name implies, being a team player is a must for achieving lasting success at iTeam.  We operate in a “one for all and all for one” modality at all times.
  • We do not believe in “recycling” technicians. When you join iTeam you are embarking upon a professional career path with longevity – you can go as far as you want here and we want you to go as far as you can.
  • We will spare no expense to invest the time, effort and professional guidance required from our team to ensure that you are equipped with the training and tools that you need to succeed.  We, in turn, expect that you will deliver the motivation, enthusiasm and professional commitment to make this investment worthwhile for yourselves and for us.
  • You cannot become a professional technician without first learning how to be a good professional AND a good technician – we will teach you how to be both.
  • We work with very demanding clients who expect the best from themselves and from the companies that service them – be prepared to deal with that pressure on an ongoing basis and be ready to perform effectively at all times and under all circumstances.
  • Be inquisitive. Whether you are a new iTeam hire or a tenured member of our team, always know that knowledge is your greatest professional asset. Strive to acquire it at every opportunity.
  • Take yourself seriously because we take you seriously – respect yourself and respect the profession.
  • Good business ethics and a disciplined attitude are a prerequisite for iTeam employment.  We service numerous accounts and client matters where maintaining strict client confidentiality is of paramount importance. You must be ready to handle this level of professional responsibility seriously.  Any infraction on a matter that involves client confidentiality and/or a breach of professional ethics will result in immediate termination.
  • Be proactive – we are a dynamic environment where unnecessary delay can lead to significant business impacts in the client production environments that we service – all iTeam personnel are expected to be vigilant, focused and responsive at all times to all iTeam client service issues.



Current Employment Opportunities:


  • current-employment-opportunitiesJunior Network Engineers – 3-5 years professional IT service experience mandatory – professional certifications preferred.
  • Senior Network Engineers – 8+ years professional IT service experience mandatory – professional certifications required.


If you are interested in applying for one of these positions please complete the electronic form below and a member of our inbounding team will contact you to arrange an interview.


iTeam Internship Program:

If you are a younger technician currently attending a technical training program or someone seeking to enter the IT profession for the first time, iTeam Technology offers 3 and 6 month internship program options to qualified candidates. These training programs are designed to provide you with the real world technical training and professional experience necessary to embark upon a successful career in the IT services industry.


If you are interested in applying for one of our internship programs please complete the electronic form below and a member of our inbounding team will contact you to arrange an interview.


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Please note that due to security restrictions, we do not offer the ability to upload résumé documents through our website. If you wish to provide us with your résumé, please email it to